Me Too

While working a fulltime job, we are often expected to fulfill roles in the home such as caring for children, doing infinite loads of laundry, making sure everyone in the family eats, etc.... It can be a lot (insert sigh here) 

As a licenced clinical psychologist, I have spent years working with clients who suffer from a broad range of mental health concerns. But, my passion lies in anxiety management, mainly because I get it. I have suffered from anxiety throughout my life, therefore I understand it on both a personal and professional level. I know what it is like to hear "It's all in your head," or "just get over it." I also know that a lot of the traditional treatments we have for anxiety simply are NOT effective. 

In my practice, I have found that individuals who ground their anxiety management practices in their faith are much more likely to experience lasting relief from their anxiety symptoms. This has been true for me on a personal level as well. 

What you will find here are articles specifically geared to the professional who experiences mental health barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential. Coming soon you will find a list of freebie resources.