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The Spiritual Effects of Job Related Burnout

Have you ever woken up in the morning and laid in bed staring at the ceiling and wondering how you are going to make it through one more day? You find yourself thinking about a whole list of things (work meetings, laundry, family responsibilities, doctor's appointments, etc.) that subsequently weigh you down and make you want to run away somewhere and hide. This isn't life. This is not what God created you for. If you are experiencing this level of stress, chances are you hav

Anxiety and Your Faith

Have you ever had the thought "If I just had more faith, I wouldn't worry so much?" I know I have. During times of extreme anxiety, I have found myself praying hard and feeling only short periods of relief before being overwhelmed with anxiety again. Does that mean my faith is weak, well yes and no. I'm a human being so my faith is not perfect, the only perfect being who ever lived and experienced complete faith was Jesus. What is happening in my body and yours when we experi

Tooting Your Own Horn: Utilizing Your God Given Talents

As Christians we are taught that we should be humble and not boast or brag about ourselves. Instead, we should engage in private acts of service and be thankful for the things we have. I stand behind this teaching, but in today's post I want to talk a little about utilizing the talents we have been given to serve others and serve God. Being humble and not boasting does not mean that we shouldn't utilize our talents. God has given each of us a unique set of talents that we can

Three Reasons You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Have you ever looked around at your colleagues and wondered how they all seemed to have it together more than you? I have. I'm going to take a guess, since you clicked on this post, you have too. Many of us experience a phenomenon known as imposter syndrome. We believe that everyone else knows what they are doing and we are just making it up as we go. Due to the imposter syndrome fallacy many people live in fear of being "found out." We harbor an underlying belief that we are

CBT and Your Faith

What is CBT? CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive might seem like a big word, but it's just another word for thought. The theory behind CBT is if you change your thoughts, your behaviors will change, and therefore your outcomes will change. Simple right? Even though the concept behind CBT isn't rocket science it changed my life in a big way when I was introduced to it in my very first psychology class (circa 2005-06). In that class, we had an assignment to k


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